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Friday, May 27, 2016


Here I am wearing The NARS all day Luminous weightless foundation; the NARS radiant creamy concealer; The Soleil Tan de CHANEL bronzer; the TOM FORD eye defining pen; the TOM FORD eyeshadow from the Nude Dip palette on my eyelid; a brown eyeshadow on my crease from the TOOFACED chocolate bonbon palette.
I firmly believe that After about 5 years of wearing makeup and trying different makeup brands, I have finally understood the key to a successful makeup application. There are several important steps a woman must follow to feel and look beautiful after she does her own makeup: 
1. BE PATIENT: this is a very important step not only with learning how to apply makeup but also, if you really want to look glam'd up, make sure to take your time for each and every step of your makeup. Everyone knows how a rushed makeup application may look like, and if you are not sure, watch 3minutes and 5 minutes makeup challenges videos on youtube ;)
2. BE CLEAN: The best ever makeup looks i have ever done to my face were achieved out of very clean brushes, and clean makeup. Yes I said "clean makeup" and that is because when your makeup is exposed to bacteria or contaminated with germs, the result is often not so good. For avoiding any contamination, make sure to keep your makeup on top of your vanity and not into hidden drawers (dark areas attract bacteria!). Make sure to close up your makeup containers thoroughly after use, thoroughly wash false lashes you wish to reuse ( this may also avoid you the pain of dealing with horrid eye infections as well); and of course make sure to wash and exfoliate your face before applying any makeup. A simple efficient skincare is always recommended to keep your skin away from dead skin cells, lips peel offs, or clogged pores. 
3. WISELY CHOOSE: Ladies and gents, please choose your makeup appropriately because of course we all have different skin tones, different skin undertones, different skin types (normal, dry, oily,combination to oily), and we can't all wear the same makeup brands. The easiest way to wisely choose your makeup products is to go in professional makeup stores such as MAC and SEPHORA, and seek the help of a professional makeup artist that can help you decide on the makeup that is good for you. These professional may often match you with the right foundation in stores, and suggest that you try the latest most efficient products on the market. 
4. STAY INFORMED: Because professional makeup artists may not always available for guiding you in stores, it is important to stay informed and do your own research by reading makeup magazines, blogs, and watch youtube videos. You may also quickly learn about efficient makeup techniques through makeup tutorials. 

The NARS radiant creamy concealer is one of the best concealers I have used along some of the ones from MAC such as the studio finish concealer or the pro long wear concealer. The NARS radiant creamy concealer is easy to use as it comes with a doefoot applicator which you can use directly on your skin. I usually use it for highlighting and the shade I use is in "Caramel"; this is the second tube I purchase, and yes it is that good. 

The NARS all day luminous weightless foundation is also one foundation i may never be able to live without. I use the shade "Macao". This foundation is dewy with a full coverage, it really does give you a fantastic subtle glow to your skin and helps covering all imperfections, which of course makes you skip the concealing steps of your makeup. If you have a combination to oily skin, this foundation may look a bit oily after about 3 hours of wear, meaning blotting is necessary. I would not necessarily recommend this foundation to oily skins; but it may just be the perfect foundation for dry skins. 

I have come to find out that the easiest way for me to do a cat eye is to use the TOM FORD eye defining pen. I honestly did not believe the hype about this product until I had purchased it. It is a really stunning eyeliner, the pigmentation is amazing, and the tip is very sharp and clean. 
I also now use my CHANEL soleil Tan de soleil (63 terre ambre) bronzer as a finishing powder. Because  this bronzing powder has an illuminating function, it works just as well as the MAC mineralized skin finish and gives a subtle, and nice glow to your makeup. I would recommend to use a bronzer of your skin color as a finishing powder. I know that other high end brands such as TOM FORD or even DIOR does magnificent bronzers you could use as such. 


Overall I have found out that the best makeup looks for everyone are the nude looks. They appear to be more natural and flattering. for darker skin tones, light shimmery pastel pinks and purples for eyeshadows are the best for neutral looks. I may sometimes wear different lip colors with nude eyeshadows, such as reds ("Russian red" by MAC I am holding in the picture), or darker lip colors ("DIVA" by MAC I am holding in the picture). A light pink flush on the cheeks as well is very flattering and the most famous powder blush for this kind of looks is "peaches" by MAC cosmetics. 

My final look consists of the lipstick "velvet teddy" from MAC which I had use with a brown lipliner (cork from MAC) and some lipgloss; I did my brows with my brown dip down gel from MAC, I am wearing a pink blush (Flush 03 from TOMFORD);my cover girl queen collection ebony bronzer as a contour, and some natural cherry lashes.