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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

one flowery cloudy summer

One thing you probably do not know is that as I was taking this picture ( myself, I have taken all those blog pictures by myself with my tripod, adjusting lighting and manual camera settings---> pain in the ass) there was a lizard I had spoted when i was already in front of the camera, I was scared to death as the lizard was static and looking my way but I guess I succeed in faking my emotions in this picture? u' be the judge...nonetheless this was my last picture at that particular location the lizard kicked me out especially once i realized his throat was orange and inflating from time to time...HEW i know....the life of a blogger is no easy business ;)
hHollogram is just the way to live ;) yes it screems ATTENTION! but isn't that what Fashion screems all the time??--->NASTYGAL is one nasty (meaning cool) online store
Creepers and florals, an interesting combination that I would have never thought of, thanks to Asos which gave me the opportunity to discover what grunge and romance mixes have to offer to the world, I felt like a little school girl and decided to pop my socks on and remember those high school days when I was wearing my blue and brown uniform----
flowers---not a DIY, but could have been---one cheap Asos find as well!
So this is it, the end of this long overdue blogpost that took me hours to shoot, edit and upload, well hopefully I have done all the work for a good reason, enjoy this Romwee dress with a retro feel that i pratically adore, wink to Melon Lady ;)---besos

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