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Saturday, January 9, 2016


There is this recurrent question people ask me whenever I decide to male Questions and answers sessions on my google hangout via my youtube channel. The question is :"what is your goal with your youtube channel? "...That is a question that I honestly do not seem to understand as I do and try a billion things in my existence. I have the tendency to taste the waters with anything and everything and goes with the flow with the hope of being successful in whatever I spend my time and energy in. Just like I wanted to do a professional photoshoot years ago as I was in college which have come handy while years later I used those professional pictures to establish a blog and a banner for my youtube channel. At the time I took these pictures, I was looking to have fun and experience something different. My point is people need to let go of the constant control they want to attach to their actions and experiences. In other words we certainly do not need to have goals glued out on our enterprises, as everything seem to make sense at the end. Yet I do not consider myself a successful blogger nor a successful vlogger on my youtube channel. I feel sometimes that my work is pointless but it still means something to me. The action of creating something myself means everything to me, and I believe that this is enough of a reason for me to still find time to share my life on social medias platforms.

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