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Monday, December 22, 2014

THE TRUTH ABOUT NAIL POLISH| Featuring Christian Louboutin


I get asked this question asked very often not only in real life but also on youtube. First of all I believe just like good makeup can only be accomplished with good skin, a good nail polish application goes along with a "good nail". Well, fingers are the first thing I notice about anyone secondly, right after I notice their face. That is only because my father has really nice looking fingers that I was by the grace of God able to inherit lol. Jokes aside, a clean and short nail, with a nicely moisturized cuticle are just ideal for a nice, smooth flawless nail application.I won't go into details about how to apply to nail polish because that is only a skill that can be acquired over time of practice. 

What Color to use? 
I've also understood with many years of experience with cosmetics, that it is okay to have fun with color but it is also safe and somewhat better to go with your skin shade. In other words, the darker you are, the better those really dark and rich colors are going  to look on you. It is also okay to Admit that my caucasian ladies have a rather larger spectrum of choice when it comes to nail colors compatibility. they would look great in a dark black nail polish on a winter night out  as well as with that neon pink under the summer sun rays.

My caramel skin ladies are better off with dark browns, dark rich purples, pitch black, wonderfully dark wine colors, dark army green, burgundies and so on...the darker the better.
My yellow skinned ladies(asians, mixed africans or mixed african americans) and caucasians also look wonderful with dark colors and can even easily pull off those really pale pink colors, white pale colors, and very soft pastel colors
My Dark ebony skin babes, are some of the most interesting and exciting cases in the world of beauty. They usually can pull off very bright colors because of the fabulous contrast of fuchsia  colors with the dark color of their skin. That is,  a fuchsia pink color would look phenomenal on ebony skin. But then again all those very dark nail colors will look just as fantastic on ebony skin.

 I have tried many different nail polish brands, and I must admit that The christian Louboutin ones are
pretty Serious. I am amazed by the array of such amazing and unique colors in this line. The packaging is breathtaking and the formula has left me in aweeeeee.....Long story short, if you can afford a $50 Nail polish, go for it, because these are the only Nail polish that will dry in 2 seconds on your nails during those "lazy getting ready sessions" of yours. 
 With my Caramel skin, I went for what I think usually looks the best on me...Dark brown...But this ladies and gentlemen is not "just a dark brown"...the magnificent reflective metallic touch of this dark brown nail polish is what made me do it...I am not going to go into details as my nails will speak for themselves :). "Farida" is the color of the month.

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