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Thursday, April 24, 2014

New Things from March and April (Vogue, Chanel,Tom Ford and Michael Kors)

The months of March and April have been full of hauls and it seems like May is going to be as well, ( My birthday is MAY 24th, for those who may want to know-- (wink)
My purchases have even been extended with my best friend's gifts that you can see in the following blog post. 
As for this blog post, I am showcasing recent buys from 
-Michael Kors ( Monochrome dress)
-My new Chanel espadrilles I got from Nordstrom
-My Vogue Magazine (April)
-and  My Tom Ford Illuminating base

This Michael Kors Monochrome dress, is more of an impulsive buy than anything. On one of these window shopping days, I have been literally forced to try on clothes by a Michael Kors employee. However I decided to get this dress because it was on sale and it just had the perfect fit. 
This dress is perfect for spring and I can't wait to style it. 

Another Impulsive buy, and I am not even guilty about it... But this is my second pair of Chanel espadrilles. I was looking for a new pair for a while and stumbled on them at Aventura Mall in Nordstrom. I could not believe it quite honestly and I had to save them to get them the following day... these however, are the newest style for the Chanel espadrilles, made out of swade leather, it's a unique color that goes tremendously well with jeans sooo...perfect for spring again!
These take a little while to break in, they then stretch and all of a sudden  become your most comfy flats. 

I've heard quite a lot about this Illuminating primer from Tom Ford, the reviews on the Nordstrom website pushed me to buy this product, as I have not been completely satisfied with my usual makeup primers. I needed to try something new. 
I cannot give out a review on this product as I have only used it once, and my makeup seemed to stay on for quite a while. 
I hope to have a lot more use of this product so that I can check for myself it it's worth its positive online reviews. 
As you can see, it's nothing scary, it's only a white creme that turns clear once massaged onto the skin...

I am going to be honest with you all, and let you know that I am not a big fan of following every single fashion magazine, fashion bloggers, and Vloggers, as personal style may be influenced by all these extra factors. I like to stay inventive, risky and playful with my looks and I am not really a trend follower but for the past couple of years with Youtube, I have been really struggling with identifying what my personal style is, because I was so exposed to everybody else's.  I have understood with time that it's okay to get some inspiration and avoid "misinspiration". I believe I have now found myself and I can stay true to my style, that is the reason why I decided to purchase my first fashion magasine, which turned out to be one of the most controversial from Vogue. I am a gossip hater, so I won't get into the whole Kim, Kanye Situation, but I also stumbled on one of my jewelry wishlist item...A rolex watch...

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