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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My best friend's haul (BCBG and Montreal souvenir)

 It has been about 8 years that I had not seen my high school bestie...I was so happy to see her again and catch up on all the things we have been missing with each other. This is my sister Laetitia, and some of you may know her as "Titoune" as I call her. We have spent 6days of true life, full of joy, fight, and love...I have realized that only childhood friends are the real ones, that you are willing to have by your side unconditionally. We went to the Miami beaches and here we are in Sunny isles Beach.
Above is a quick Beach OOTD of Laetitia with her Zara Top, beach shorts and Michael Kors Sandals, this is the definition of effortless and non fussy style....
These are the Gifts I have received from Laetitia: some BCBG earrings, and Some gold BCBG sandals which I have been obsessed with for a couple of days now, although they are not the most comfy sandals, they mix and match with everything! which is why I love them...

Above is also a Montreal cup she has given me as a souvenir, I love it and Will probably keep it forever :)

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